Omega Sync

Easily compare and synchronize your databases. Synchronize data between heterogeneous databases!

Database comparison & synchronization

Effortlessly compare and synchronize your local or remote databases.
Use Omega Sync when you want to explore all the differences in structure and data.
You can synchronize your databases in minutes, or save generated synchronization SQL script for later use.

What can Omega Sync do?

Omega Sync can compare and synchronize both database schema and table data.

You can even synchronize data of heterogeneous databases (for example, compare your local SQL Server database with a MySQL replica on your web site - and synchronize all the differences in just a few minutes).

Supported databaes

  • Access
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Interbase
  • Firebird
  • ODBC sources


Please visit Omega Sync screenshot page for more screenshots.

Schema and table data comparison and synchronization

  • Schema comparison and synchronization for databases of same kind
  • Data comparison and synchronization even for databases of different kind
  • Compare and Synchronize databases of unlimited size!

Data synchronization modes:

  • Compare only - no data is changed
  • One-Way Synchronization - propagate changes from reference to work database, specifying which records or even individual data cells to skip
  • Two-Way Synchronization - selectively move changes across to any database (reference or work), specifying synchronization change direction on the level of table, record, or even on the level of each field!