Easy to use wizard

Our Session Wizard guides you through the process of setting up connections and choosing database to be documented.

This setup can be saved (it is encrypted) and reused later via single-click open.

Customization of the output

You can specify your own logo, even your own link it points to. Footer can contain your text.

Each object type can be excluded from documentation generation.

Rich object description with extensive cross-linking

Browse through your target database and explore it as much as you like. Navigation is easy - besides the intuitive main navigation,you can follow extensive links from any object to all related objects.

For example, a table entry lists all the columns and you can jump to referenced tables. Then explore any triggers, indexes, column and table constraints etc.

Most objects have complete SQL creation script.

Built-in FTP upload

When you need regular documentation update of your Intranet or Internet site, take advantage of the built-in FTP client.

Each generation of your database documentation will upload all needed HTML, CSS and images to the specified FTP account.

FTP login is stored (and encrypted) in the saved project file, so you need not specify it each time.

Features at a glance

  • HTML documentation, with all related items cross-linked
  • CHM (Windows Help File) documentation
  • Built-in FTP upload ability
  • Output customization
  • Very fast documenting engine
  • Easily handles huge databases
  • Syntax-colored object SQL creation scripts included
  • Runs great on all Windows versions, including Windows 10
  • Modern GUI
  • Full Unicode support
core suite
  • All of our desktop applications
  • Subscription to all our desktop applications + Install each application on up to 5 computers
  • fullconvert Full Convert Enterprise
  • replicator Replicator Pro
  • query Query Pro
  • documenter Documenter Pro
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