Omni Loader as a console application is ideal for scripting

Control the whole migration via simple JSON job description console parameter

  • Console mode

    When started in a console mode, Omni Loader uses the current machine as a built-in agent. It still runs its powerful parallel migration engine in exactly the same way as it does when you run a distributed migration cluster on dozens of machines.

  • Parameterizing the migration

    The whole migration is set up using a JSON file. The specification is available in our documentation.

  • The difference between standard and console mode

    In a standard mode, Omni Loader is an orchestrator controlling any number of connected agents. You don't usually have to start or stop its process - it's always available to do migrations. In console mode, Omni Loader runs synchronously. It parses your JSON job specification, finishes the migration, populates the logs, and returns with the return code indicating if there was a problem or if everything went as expected.

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