Omni Loader

An evolution of our Full Convert engine, tuned for huge data sets, and designed for efficient migration to the cloud and data warehouses.

Super easy to set up and to use, while abstracting away the complexity of moving your data to the cloud.

Not sure if we support your database? Find out!

Ingest huge amount of data quickly on Microsoft Azure cloud

Instantly deploy Omni Loader in your own tenant. All VM sizes supported.

Easily load huge databases. No time-consuming setup needed.
Massively parallel data load using JSON jobs and Omni Loader console Massively parallel data load using JSON jobs and Omni Loader console


Frequently asked questions

  • We support over 20 databases at this point and are very likely to support yours. Take a look at the whole list on our databases page.

  • Omni Loader easily migrates absolutely huge databases. Our competitors either require a lot of time-consuming setup time or the performance is not suitable for very large databases.

  • Please contact us and we will discuss your needs.

  • Absolutely. Please head over to our demo request page.

  • Omni Loader is available in Azure Marketplace. Just select your desired virtual machine size and get started in minutes.

  • For on-premises installation please contact us to obtain a license. Once you do, you will get native executables for Windows and Linux. Run as many agents as your license allows to scale to the perfromance levels you need.

  • Absolutely - that's the core functionality of Omni Loader.

  • Yes! CDC is support for SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, and Oracle sources.

  • Yes. You need to select a VM size and it will be deployed in your own tenant.

  • No, we do not send anything and your data is perfectly safe. You can, if you wish, enable telemetry and send us usage data and errors and so help us improve Omni Loader. However, you need to go to the Settings yourself and manually turn it on, so that will never happen unless you absolutely want it to.