Omni Loader documentation


Note: The mapping below is applied to all tables. You can override the mapping for specific table by going to the Tables screen and opening the table details screen via the Details button next to the table name.

Schema mapping

This is a commonly used customization, extremely valuable in quickly specifying where should the source table end up in the target database structure.

Datatype mapping

Omni Loader will always map data types in such a way that data is not lost and that the target type is as close to the source type as possible. You can opt to change the way we map the data types, by forcing the whole type to be changed or just a length of the type.

Default value mapping

Comment table column default values are automatically translated from source into the target equivalents. If you have complex default value expression we can't handle, you can define the correct target default value here and it will be applied for all columns of all tables.