Quickly load data from your premises to the cloud

Instantly deploy Omni Loader in your own tenant. All VM sizes supported.

Easily scale to reach a data throughput you need.
  • Distributed migration cluster

    On cloud, access to powerful virtual machines with plenty of CPU cores is readily available, on-premises installation often runs on a more modest hardware. To enable the massive parallelism enabling the performance needed to push many terabytes to the cloud or to a powerful database server, Omni Loader controls agents running on as many machines as necessary. Each agent further runs many jobs in parallel. Both orchestrator and agents are native Windows and Linux applications and you can mix and match with no limitations.

  • Deploying your cluster

    You can simply copy our agent executables to any available machine. As soon as agent is started, it will locate Omni Loader orchestrator and join the migration cluster. If you need containerized or k8s deployment, please let us know.

  • Lift and shift to the cloud

    Copying large amount of data to the cloud inevitably means going over the Internet. Whether you have a secure tunnel or are connecting directly, the latency is killing the performance regardless of the pipe bandwidth. The only way to offset the latency is massive parallelism of the data load and that is the approach Omni Loader uses.

  • Performance limitations

    Basically, Omni Loader can saturate your network or reach the limit of your target database to ingest the data. Just add more agents until you get to the point where you are happy with the throughput. Omni Loader never touches the disk when loading the data. Instead, data is streamed from the source database to the individual agent, transformed in-memory, and streamed to the target server.

Frequently asked questions

We support some 20 databases at this point. The rest we support in our other products will be supported very soon. See our databases page.

Yes, Omni Loader (orchestrator and agent)is available as native 64-bit Linux executable.

Yes, Omni Loader (orchestrator and agent) is available as native 64-bit Windows executable.

As many as your license allows. We have tested Omni Loader with dozens of agents running hundreds of jobs in parallel with no performance or reliability issues.

No, we do not send anything and your data is perfectly safe. You can, if you wish, enable telemetry and send us usage data and errors and so help us improve Omni Loader. However, you need to go to the Settings yourself and manually turn it on, so that will never happen unless you absolutely want it to.

Of course. Please go to the demo request page .

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