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Sophisticated Database Conversion
Converts all source database to all target databases with all the options and optimizations.


Site license of Full Convert Enterprise
Use for your whole team located at a single physical address.


Database Replication Solution
It efficiently replicates any supported source database to any supported target databases.


Site license of Replicator Pro
Use for your whole team located at a single physical address.

Monthly (minimum 4 months)
Annual plan, prepaid

Get our best tools: Full Convert Enterprise, Replicator Pro, Documenter Pro and Query Pro,
We include priority support and maintenance for all subscription holders.

Subscription is annual - minimal duration is 12 months.
With prepaid payment you are getting 2 months per year for free.

Please purchase Core Suite Subscription to use this product

Database Query Software
Easily connect to any of our many supported databases and explore it.

Please purchase Core Suite Subscription to use this product

Database Documentation Generator
It will document any database we currently support.

Customer care

Log into our website with email used to purchase to access your licenses and invoices, as well as manage activated computers. Support and upgrades are available with active maintenance.

Standard license

Your license to use your purchased software is perpetual - it will never expire. One year of maintenance is included in price and you can install our product on up to 3 computers.


You are charged every month (monthly subscription) or every year (yearly subscription).

You get access to our 4 desktop products - Full Convert, Replicator, Query and Documenter. Each of these applications can be installed on up to 5 computers.

As long as subscription is active, maintenance is active. Licenses are disabled when subscription is canceled.

Maintenance explained

Maintenance covers technical support and access to upgrades of the application. As long as your maintenance is active, you can log into our website and download the latest release.

Maintenance can be automatically extended via maintenance subscription.

If you opt to manually handle maintenance, you can extend it before it expires or renew it up to 12 months after it expires. Extension is cheaper than renewal and therefore recommended.

Subscriptions don't need maintenance extensions, as all subscribers have active maintenance for as long as they are subscribed.


Resellers should contact us to obtain a discount.

Working across companies

Each license is to be used in a single company, but there are two possible exceptions:

  • Consultant working with clients

    A single person can work with databases of several client companies, but one license can be used for 3 clients at most.

  • A company wants to bundle our application with its own application

    A Worldwide license must be purchased. Please contact us for details.