Over 30 databases directly supported

No other software allows you to navigate between several open databases so quickly and easily. Whether you are working with 5 SQL Server databases, or 50 databases of a different kind - you can instantly keep the connections open and run queries agains your databases.

All ODBC databases supported via ODBC driver

There are hundreds of databases, some running on mainframes, that support connecting via ODBC. We fully support ODBC.

Modern and attractive user interface

Clean and usable look of the application - no clutter for all the cases when you're busy working with your databases.

Dark/light theme with various accent colors

Set up the application to look exactly how you like it.

Instant filtering of table names

Find that table instantly. Even if you have thousands of tables in the database, filtering by table name is instant.

Instant filtering of connections

Having tons of connections? As you type the filter, only connections named like your filter are shown. Additionally, as connections are grouped by database engine, engines with no matching connections are automatically hidden as you type.

Choose which connections to have open on startup

Working with same databases over and over again? When add new connection, specify that you want it opened each time you run the application. You can change that setting at a later time, of course.

Non-blocking queries

This one is golden. When you run a query that takes minutes to finish, you can normally work with other connections. You will see a spinner next to a busy connection in the list, so you won't have to check for the completion again and again.

Easy copying of resulting dataset to Cliboard as a tab-separated text

Just select the records you want in a result grid and copy result to Clipboard. Paste it to any text editor or to Excel.

SSH tunnel for remote servers

Properly secured databases server won't allow outside connections. When you want to connect remotely to your database instead of working in a console via remote SSH connection, just specify SSH tunnel when adding new connection. We will display SSH server in list of connections so you know not to run a query on production when you intended it to run on a development server.

Unicode (international characters) support both in query editor and table grid

In a globally connected world data is often in many codepages and with full Unicode support you are certain Query will properly handle all your data.

32- and 64-bit version available

Use 64-bit version to fully take advantage of your machine - except when you need 32-bit version due to drivers' requirements (already installed 32-bit Access, or 32-bit ODBC driver).

core suite
  • All of our desktop applications
  • Subscription to all our desktop applications + Install each application on up to 5 computers
  • fullconvert Full Convert Enterprise
  • replicator Replicator Pro
  • query Query Pro
  • documenter Documenter Pro
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