Insert 1 record at a time disables bulk load of new data and reverts to a slow INSERT statement for each records. Useful for troubleshooting.

Timeout in seconds here allows you to have any SQL command sent to either source or target database fail after N seconds. You may want to set this number to 0 (which means never time out and wait for as long as needed) if your server is slow and may take a lot of time to respond.

Source WHERE filter should be used in tandem with Target WHERE filter to only compare a subset of records.

Detect added data can be disabled to ignore data added in source database and not present in target.

Detect changed data can be disabled to ignore data that is present yet different.

Detect deleted data can be disabled to ignore data not present in source database and present in target.

Skip equal data completely can be turned on to remove even logging of the same data. With very large tables, logging of equal data can result in huge temporary files.