In Full Convert, you can customize the way tables are placed in different schemas, as well as the way we map data types source table columns use to their closest equivalents in target database.

Schema mapping

Schemas are defined as simple <source>=<target> pairs and rules are case-insensitive (we will match Sales, sales, SALES schemas with a single rule).

Some examples:

  • - HumanResources=hr (HumanResources.Employee will become hr.Employee)
  • - test=dbo (test.x will become dbo.x in target)

There is also a wildcard (*, a multiplication symbol) rule. When you use it as a source schema, it will apply to anything:

  • - *=hr (HumanResources.Employee will become hr.Employee, Sales.Discount will become hr.Discount, etc.)
  • - *= (HumanResources.Employee will become Employee, Sales.Discount will become Discount, etc.)

Finally, we can make a rule for the case when source table has no schema:

  • - =test (Employee will become test.Employee, Discount will become test.Discount, etc.)

Schema mapping can be overridden in console application via OSM switch.