Replicator Replicator

General Features

  • Supports 7 database types
  • Schema comparison and synchronization
  • Data comparison and synchronization
  • Supports databases and individual tables of unlimited size
  • Slick and usable modern interface
  • Built-in Scheduler for recurring conversions
  • Differences viewer and editor
  • Command-line support using a dedicated console application
  • Full Unicode support for international character data

Schema comparison and synchronization

  • Supported on databases of same kind. This limitation will be lifted in future release.
  • Supports tables, indexes, constraints, views, procedures, function, triggers, types
  • Tables column order can be ignored or enforced
  • Table column rename supported
  • Each object can be deselected for synchronization
  • Filter on object type can be applied
  • SQL script for schema synchronization can be viewed and saved for manual synchronization in external tools
  • Color-coded side-by-side comparison view for each object
  • Synchronizes schema of large databases in seconds

Data comparison and synchronization

  • Supported on databases of same or different kind. Heterogeneous compare/sync is unique Replicator feature.
  • Using unique memory saving algorithms, there is no limitation on table or database size
  • Tables can be additionally filtered using custom WHERE conditions, available separately for reference and work database table
  • Global WHERE conditions, available separately for reference and work database
  • Advanced table mapping dialog, allowing comparison and synchronization even if table structure differs
  • Custom comparison keys can be specified and validated
  • SQL script for data synchronization can be saved for manual synchronization in external tools
  • Differences can be viewed in advanced grid, tailored for high usability

Data Differences Viewing and manual Synchronization overrides

  • Matched reference/work table rows are displayed below each other
  • Equal cells are merged to avoid clutter
  • NULL values are displayed with pattern background, to be distinguished from empty string values
  • Depending on data synchronization mode, synchronization direction can be manually overriden
  • Synchronization direction override available on table, record, and cell level
  • Easy and quick skipping of certain tables and rows even for table already selected for synchronization
  • SQL synchronization statements are generated in background for instant synchronization
  • Best fit columns and Auto-height rows

Quick Sync Everything

  • If your product type allows it, you can compare and synchronize with a single click
  • Confirmation prompt can be disabled in Options

Built-in Scheduler

  • Built-in scheduler relies on Windows Scheduled Tasks to provide rich scheduling options
  • Recurring synchronizations can be specified to run only when user is logged on, or always
  • Scheduling modes: Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly
  • Optional task repeating for frequency multiplication
  • Optional task stopping if running longer than expected


  • Automatic SQL logging
  • XML data can be parsed, or compared as plain text for improved speed
  • Unix/Windows line ending differences can be ignored
  • Table column order can be ignored or enforced
  • Specific project can be loaded on startup


  • Runs great on all Windows versions, including Windows 10
  • Runs on both 32- and 64-bit Windows (x86 and x64)
  • Can be installed on Linux and Mac under virtualization software
  • Easily connects to databases running on Unix/Linux/Mac

Databases supported

  • Access
  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Interbase
  • Firebird
  • Any ODBC source
Replicator Pro
  • Database comparison and replication
  • Install on up to 3 computers
  • Source: over 30 databases supported
  • Target: supported relational databases
  • Sophisticated scheduler included
  • Extendable maintenance
  • Support by developers
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Instant delivery
includes 12 month maintenance
core suite
Monthly Yearly
  • fullconvert Full Convert Enterprise
  • replicator Replicator Pro
  • query Query Pro
  • documenter Documenter Pro
  • Up to 5 installations per application
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Instant delivery
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