Please note that SQLTran is currently in closed beta. If you want to be one of our beta clients, write to sales and describe your migration scenario. Beta clients are required to send us their source database.

In today’s fast-moving IT world, most companies eventually need to migrate their database systems.
Some common reasons are moving to Open Source, lower licensing costs, unique capabilities, better performance, etc. Unfortunately, most database migrations inevitably become lengthy, expensive and risky endeavors.

Now, we have developed a database migration solution that is quick, cost-effective and super-reliable.

Key to outstanding performance of SQLTran is technology we built from the ground up in-house. We have developed our own parsers and static analysis framework, allowing us to have unprecedented insight into the inner workings of the databases.

While other solutions of the market are doing best-effort migration, we analyze separately source database, as well as transformed target database. Potential issues are caught event before creation of the target objects is done.

Data is copied in our application using parallel threads, with each thread separately optimized for maximum data throughput. There is no need to run external scripts.

Automated test engine is employed to create thousands of tests against your data in source and target database in parallel. That way, you can be certain that migration is done in a way that doesn't break your business logic. This alone saves months of manual testing by your team.