SQL Studio

Please note that SQL STUDIO is not available yet. If you're interested in joining before launch, write to sales and get in touch.

The best database manager, anywhere. And, cloud-first.

Managing all your databases in browser. Cloud, hosted, even on-premise. Best in class autocomplete. Lightning fast.
Importing has never been easier. Drag & drop database files in your browser and we'll instantly create tables.

Instantly create cloud databases

A single click to create and use a scalable database in the cloud.

Work with your existing database servers

Connect via SSL and SSH to your own relational database servers.

Importable databases

Drag & drop database files in your browser, or just upload archive. We'll unpack everything, analyze, and offer you to import everything or just certain data. In addition, copying data between tables in different database connections is super-easy. From your browser!

  • Continuously replicate changes from your on-premise database to our cloud
  • Instantly run SQL queries against your data
  • Use our powerful REST API to create, load, analyze, explore or export your data
  • Maintain complete audit trail
  • Manage user permissions
  • Restrict access to certain tables, columns or rows
  • See your database analytics - data size, queries ran, load and more
  • Complete database documentation available in your browser at any time