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Trial limitations

Some table columns will be copied with name changed

For example, if a column is named customer, target table column name will be trial_customer_13 (or something similar)

Up to 30% of the table data will be watermarked

Affected data in the target table will be overlaid with the *TRIAL* text

Frequently asked questions

Trial will expire after 14 days. If you need us to extend your trial, just shoot as an email to support and we'll set you up.

No, sorry. At the moment it's Windows-only and will work on any Windows version with .NET Framework 4.7.2 or later.

A minute or less. You'll be ready to run it right away.

No, we won't. We live from selling our own software. If you're that worried, we allow you to run the trial anonymously and won't even ask for your email. That will disqualify you from getting support, though - some level of respect is needed for us to work with you.

Absolutely. Send an email to support, tell us which timezone you're in, and describe what is it you need to achieve. One of our devs will get in touch.