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Making databases easy since 2001

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I've been working with Full Convert now for several weeks and have found it to be an exceptional product, even more so when you consider the cost. There was not another product available on the market that supported the conversion of our Paradox legacy database over to MS SQL. In doing so, the support team was the most responsive team that I've encountered in over 30 years developing software, both in terms of communication and software updates. I'm very impressed with the product as well as the dedication and commitment of the employees at Spectral Core.

Steve Provoyeur, Software Developer - Energy Federation

In the words of our customers...

Full Convert is a great product. Extremely versatile, fast and a really sophisticated with the best user interface I've ever seen. Top!

Jürgen Breit dware design & software gmbh

I have to say I am really impressed by your product and the excellent support you have provided. I can see me looking to purchase more of your products in the future and will definitely be recommending your company and products to my colleagues in the IT Industry.

Jonathan Cundliffe HSL Group Holdings Limited

During Q4 of 2009 I was involved in a very large conversion project from MySQL Server to SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition. The database I converted from MySQL was from 40GB to about 500 GB. The support provided by Spectral Core was fantastic, second to none.
I have no issues recommending this product without which it would have taken my conversion project much much longer to complete and I wanted to specially thank Damir Bulic for providing one of the best customer support I've ever encountered.

Dave Shrestha IT Engineering: Platform Engineering, Oracle/SQL DBA, intel (r) Corporation

Your app is fantastic; not having to write my own imports and exports has been a great time saver!!

Scott Mayo GHX

Of all the database converters on the market, Full Convert is the only one that has the advanced scheduling tools and speed we require as well as the ability to properly parse our huge, non-standard DBF database where other converters fall short. Full Convert's DBF to MySQL conversion capabilities have allowed our e-commerce site to come to life! Not to mention the staff is very helpful and responsive.

Bryce Fitzsimons, Web Developer Watermelon Music

I first tried Full Convert in 2007 as a student. I purchased version 2.16 and last downloaded 3.2 in 2008. Back then I thought that Full Convert was way ahead of the completion having tried tools from Navicat and Redgate which are the only two companies that I know of that can come close (though not very). There are lots of companies that make database tools but Spectral Core is the only one that I know of that does conversions across so many databases (...)
This is a really great product and is still years ahead of the competition.

Joshua Cuéllar Devgineer

I must say your user interface cuts to the chase, offers easy selection of source & destination, is extremely easy to use and gets on with the task. It beavered away on some ~100 tables, some with ~400K records & came up with the goods. Congratulations.

Terry Dillon Teedee Computing Services

I just purchased the full version and in 15 minutes have migrated a mysql db to Access and SQL Server. What a great product!

Joe Zuffoletto, President SmartCompany

By the way, after much searching for a conversion package, I downloaded your trial over the weekend. This is a awesome program!!!

Karen Brooks DeLaSalle Education Center

My software team is reporting that the software we bought from you is working great. Thank you.

Derek Ling

The more I use this app the more impressed I am.

Ian Maley

A great tool with simply impeccable service, Full Convert allowed us to port a client's existing database to our new system with minimal effort in no time.
Highly recommended!

Nick Thomson MonsterVision

I love your program, I can't tell you how many hours it has saved me..

Scott Richards

And by the way, this is also at least 10 times faster than several other database converters we tested.

Aaron Flatten

I'm very impressed with your product & your support.

Tony Moriarty

ps: Awesome Product! Thank you

Francis (Joe) DeAngelis

I am preparing my product that includes FullConvert as a third party product for conversion and data transportation from one MS SQL to MySQL... your product is the best there is for that job...

Mihael (on live chat)

I just wanted to let you know that we are VERY happy with your Full Convert product. (...) I figured that the cost of Full Convert Enterprise was so low that even if it only saved me a couple of hours of coding it would pay for itself. Thanks again and have a great day!

Bill Angus, MA PsychTest

We have used Full Convert Enterprise Software by Spectral Core for a number of data conversion projects, mainly from DBF/Paradox tables to both SQL Server and mySQL.
The software has greatly reduced the time and effort required to convert the data. When we came across a problem with the conversion of one DBF table to SQL Server, Spectral Core's support was fantastic: they responded almost immediately, took a copy of our problem data and within a day had identified a minor issue with Full Convert. They then issued an upgrade which has cured the problem.
Our investment of $299 in the software has already been recouped in the time saved on data conversion. I would recommend this product to anyone involved in data conversion and I would highly recommend the speedy service and professionalism of the Spectral Core support team.