Full Convert

Instantly copy your database to another format with our easy to use, fast and customizable database converter.

All popular databases supported.

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Omega Sync

Easily compare your databases and synchronize them, even if they are of different types.

Replication across heterogeneous databases.

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Rapid Query

State of the art autocomplete allows you to write SQL code much faster.

Connects to many popular databases.

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Quickly generate complete hyperlinked documentation of your databases in HTML and CHM format.

Automatically upload it to your server.

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What our customers say

During Q4 of 2009 I was involved in a very large conversion project form MySQL Server to SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition.  The database I converted from MySQL was from 40GB to about 500 GB.
The support provided by Spectral Core was fantastic, second to none.

I have no issues recommending this product without which it would have taken my conversion project much much longer to complete and I wanted to specially thank Damir Bulic for providing one of the best customer support I've ever encountered.

Dave Shrestha

IT Engineering: Platform Engineering, Oracle/SQL DBA, intel (r) Corporation, www.intel.com

I have to say I am really impressed by your product and the excellent support you have provided. I can see me looking to purchase more of your products in the future and will definitely be recommending your company and products to my colleagues in the IT Industry.

Jonathan Cundliffe

HSL Group Holdings Limited, www.hslgroup.com

I am a php developer and i was trying close to 20 different db migration softwares for converting and old version msSQL to MySQL.
All the softwares that i have found in web didn't work for my case, half of them didn't work at all and the other part works with many problems, specially charsets and data types problems. I decided to give a chance to Full Convert and downloaded the trial version.
It's was the only app that did an exact copy from the old msSQL source to my new mySQL db.
Full Convert is one of the most powerful db migration tool in the market, it was absolutely worth my time and money.

Zandbank Yuval

yuvix interactive, www.yuvix.co.il
Have an enterprise-grade database migration? Many terabytes of data and thousands of stored procedures?

Our sister company Equel Inc. specializes in extremely complex migrations. Ones other companies failed to handle.