Open support ticket

Our technical support is completely handled via email. Just write to us at support and your email (with attachment) will instantly be inserted into our customer help application and converted into support ticket.

All our communication will be via emails and we can easily track your issues, past communication - and make sure you're happy and well served.

Reasoning for email-only technical support

We've been doing customer support for over 10 years now. Of course, in that time we tried several approaches to maximize customer satisfaction while staying highly effective.

We do not hire clueless low-paid support representatives that put you on wait and don't know what you're saying. Instead, all your enquiries are served by developers who write our applications themselves. You know, people who are probably responsible to your issue will hear about and will fix it very quickly. In fact, CEO and lead developer is handling most of the support himself!

Developers are motivated to keep the bugs and problems to a minimum, provide easy to use user interface and make customers so satisfied they only contact support to say they are so happy with our products :)

We learn so much from our customers. Phone is perfect for chatting and discussing stuff - just not for discussing very specific technical issues.

Pre-Sale Support

We are available for you at +44 20 8133 4462 for pre-sale questions only. Technical support is not available via phone - see below please.