Full Convert Full Convert
November 20, 2017 Full Convert 17.11 released
  • - Added embedded Firebird servers to be able to open all Firebird files even when user has no Firebird server installed.
October 5, 2017 Full Convert 17.10 released
  • - New versioning scheme. Taken from Ubuntu Linux: Year.Month.Build. It makes much more sense with our continuous , almost daily, deployment of features.
  • - Oracle views can now be read as tables
  • - We can now read SQL script files and directly migrate them to target databases. Table selection, column mapping etc. are fully supported.
September 5, 2017 Full Convert 7.20 released
  • - Added support for FileMaker source database
September 4, 2017 Full Convert 7.19 released
  • - Bug fixes
July 31, 2017 Full Convert 7.18 released
  • - Rewritten and simplified schema mapping
July 21, 2017 Full Convert 7.17 released
  • - Intuit QuickBooks supported for reading via its QODBC driver
July 14, 2017 Full Convert 7.16 released
  • - Added full support for Vertica as source and target database
  • - Added Sybase SQL Anywhere and Sybase IQ view reading as if they are tables
July 11, 2017 Full Convert 7.15 released
  • - JSON log with rich information added
  • - Added Sybase ASE view reading as if they are tables
  • - Improved handling of complex custom Oracle SQL scripts
  • - Improved handling of unexpected application crashes
June 12, 2017 Full Convert 7.14 released
  • - Added character set specification for CSV files
  • - Improved PostgreSQL sequence creation - all valid datatypes can now be incrementing
May 3, 2017 Full Convert 7.13 released
  • - added dBase 3 target format
  • - improved installer to not require uninstall of prior version when there is a new build in current minor release
  • - automatically fix foreign key datatype discrepancies
  • - no longer registering Interbase provider due to incompatibility with some systems and using private registration instead
  • - allowing long table names with DBF target even in old formats
  • - improved UI consistency in table listing across the application
March 10, 2017 Full Convert 7.12 released
  • - added GUID support for HSQLDB database
  • - expanded CSV datatype detection such that numbers with leading zero and decimals with trailing zero (but not .0 exactly) are detected as text
  • - added support for SQLCE databases up to 4GB in size
  • - automatically reopen PostgreSQL connection in case when remote server closes it to avoid multiplying of reported errors
  • - automatically format time values in generated Excel documents
  • - improved handling of invalid log filenames
March 2, 2017 Full Convert 7.11 released
  • - completely rewritten Excel support, several orders of magnitude speedup!
  • - added character set override option for DBF files
January 23, 2017 Full Convert 7.10 released
  • - Added ability to read views for MySQL, Interbase and Firebird source databases
December 29, 2016 Full Convert 7.9 released
  • - New installer
  • - Faster metadata reading for certain databases
  • - Faster Oracle bulk data loading
  • - List of scheduled tasks now updates in real-time
  • - Added LocalDB support
  • - Added support for different character sets for Pervasive
  • - Added support for new MySQL JSON datatype
  • - Added support for new Firebird bool datatype
  • - Improved Sybase Advantage file reader
  • - Fixed scheduled tasks permissions issues for certain environments
  • - Fixed logging of SQL errors
September 21, 2016 Full Convert 7.8 released
  • - Added full support for SQL Express LocalDB
August 26, 2016 Full Convert 7.7 released
  • - Add support for overriding connection parameters in console
  • - Using default system proxy when communicating with Spectral Core licensing server
  • - Improved tracing to preserve data across application runs
July 11, 2016 Full Convert 7.6 released
  • - Massive speedup handling huge databases with hundreds of thousands of tables
  • - Support Gupta SQLBase for both reading and writing
  • - Support Ingres for both reading and writing
  • - Implemented native Sybase Advantage reader, no drivers needed
  • - Project-wide nullability enforcing
  • - Timestamp-named logs now respect specified folder
  • - We are now skipping disabled and untrusted foreign keys
  • - Fixed SQL Compact
  • - Add support for bigint data in CSV instead of promoting immediately to double datatype
  • - Respect SQL Server compatibility setting
  • - Added tracing information customer can send to developers when asked
April 26, 2016 Full Convert 7.5 released
  • - Allow specification of list of tables to convert via console arguments
  • - Improve spatial data conversion
  • - Fixed running of custom SQL scripts before and after conversion
April 7, 2016 Full Convert 7.4 released
  • - Optimized database structure reading to greatly reduce time needed for project loading and common operations
  • - SSL connections
  • - SSH tunnel for secure connections to remote servers
  • - Optimized options applying - table remapping only when options that affect mapping are changed
March 8, 2016 Full Convert 7.3 released
  • - Added custom WHERE clause
  • - Added troubleshooting option to never disconnect (some ODBC drivers crash on disconnect)
February 16, 2016 Full Convert 7.2 released
  • - Improved and clarified progress screen
  • - Added option to display data loading progress in circular chart
  • - Bugfixes
February 11, 2016 Full Convert 7.1 released
  • - All known bugs from the launch fixed
  • - Default values mapping
  • - Edit project connections anytime
  • - Allow loading project with invalid database connections and edit them post-load
January 22, 2016 Full Convert 7.0 released
  • Complete rewrite in a new technology!
  • All application areas have been greatly improved.
  • Significant performance boost.
  • Added support for following databases:
  • - IBM DB2
  • - Derby
  • - H2
  • - HSQLDB
  • - NexusDB
  • - Pervasive PSQL
  • - Progress OpenEdge
  • - Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise
  • - Sybase SQL Anywhere
  • - VistaDB
November 20, 2014 Full Convert 6.11 released
  • Computed columns are now skipped when copying into existing tables
October 23, 2014 Full Convert 6.10 released
  • Added support for PostgreSQL TSVECTOR datatype
October 8, 2014 Full Convert 6.9 released
  • Added support for PostgreSQL OID datatype
October 1, 2014 Full Convert 6.8 released
  • Fixed a nasty SQLCE bug where opening a database could cause it to be truncated
  • Improvements in SQLite default values handling
  • Bugfixes
July 18, 2014 Full Convert 6.7 released
  • Added ODBC dialect
  • Bugfixes
May 28, 2014 Full Convert 6.6 released
  • Improved trial activation process
  • Added number of tables to be converted (and skipped) to the project wizard to avoid confusion when table name filter is used
  • Bugfixes
May 5, 2014 Full Convert 6.5 released
  • Respecting Firebird and Interbase maximum identifier length of 31 characters, making sure target identifiers are never duplicated
  • Updated database components
  • Bugfixes
February 28, 2014 Full Convert 6.4 released
  • Much improved speed of reading Oracle metadata for large databases
  • Table filter in project wizard
  • Selective drop of foreign keys before dropping target table
  • Added indexes and constraints (both can be individually deselected) to table customization dialog
  • Added information of eventual fatal error to error list
  • Indexes and constraints are created separately instead in batch per table
  • Progress dialog lists information about each index and constraints as they are created
February 10, 2014 Full Convert 6.3 released
  • Separate log for SQL that caused errors
  • Bugfixes
October 28, 2013 Full Convert 6.2 released
  • Separate console application with much improved capabilities
  • Bugfixes
September 5, 2013 Full Convert 6.1 released
  • Added VisualFoxPro table selection from DBC file
  • Slightly changed conversion summary screen
  • Project customization status visible on ribbon
  • All customer issues reported after v6.0 launch fixed
August 22, 2013 Full Convert 6.0 released
  • Largest update we have ever made!
  • Completely redesigned and modernized user interface
  • Instant help when connecting to databases
  • Support for any XML structure and intelligent creation of optimal target tables to represent original hierarchical structure
  • Full support for SQLite
  • dBase (DBF) is now supported as a target database
  • Encrypted Paradox tables are decrypted on the fly during conversion without even asking for a password
  • Much faster writing of BLOB data to SQL Server using BULK INSERT
  • Improved Excel engine
  • Overall improved performance and responsiveness
  • Improved conversion summary
  • Improved technical support - errors are automatically reported to developers and support tickets can be opened from the application
  • In-app upgrade
  • Bulk folder definition for each target database server computer separately
April 23, 2013 Full Convert 5.24 released
  • Fixed scheduler on Windows server machines
  • Added option to disable use of UNISTR function when inserting data to Oracle
February 22, 2013 Full Convert 5.23 released
  • Fixed ODBC table structure parsing
November 20, 2012 Full Convert 5.21 released
  • PostgreSQL identifiers are now forced to lower case because PostgreSQL does not adhere to SQL standards. This allows customers not to use quotes to reference tables later.
October 18, 2012 Full Convert 5.20 released
  • Numerous bugfixes
April 30, 2012 Full Convert 5.19 released
  • Completely rewritten ODBC support
  • Support for ODBC as source and for target! This means you can convert basically any popular database into any other.
  • Bug fixes
November 24, 2011 Full Convert 5.18 released
  • Added basic usage tracking to trial version to learn where are the problem areas for first-time users
  • Added auto-create of Interbase/Firebird database if it doesn't exist
  • Fixed reading of MySQL multiple column indexes
  • Fixed Interbase/Firebird minimum timestamp value
  • Fixed delimited text and XML target filename when source is Excel document with multiple sheets
  • Fixed execution of complex custom SQL script for SQL CE
  • Fixed conversion of identifier to valid identifier when it is numeric and contains dots
October 4, 2011 Full Convert 5.17 released
  • SQL Server UID field is now converted to MySQL binary(16) instead of to VARCHAR(38)
  • Fixed various bugs
August 15, 2011 Full Convert 5.16 released
  • Changed delimited text parsing behavior. When 'quotes enclosing' is set to 'strings values', we preserve character data type instead of casting it to numbers when we can.
  • Fixed various bugs
June 16, 2011 Full Convert 5.15 released
  • Replaced crappy XlsReadWriteII Excel components with much more reliable NativeExcel components
  • Auto-detect empty Excel cells and using only used section of the sheet
  • Fixed bug in 'Interpred dates in years 0000-0099 as 1900-1999' option handling
June 13, 2011 Full Convert 5.14 released
  • Fixed nasty bug in table customization where certain settings from last table were remembered and applied to all tables
May 19, 2011 Full Convert 5.13 released
  • Updated our native database components
  • Added warning when obsolete table customization is detected
  • Fixed bug in reordering tables causing errors when using Recreate Data mode
  • Fixed bug which cause Oracle Fast Loader not to be used when table was customized
May 5, 2011 Full Convert 5.12 released
  • Optimized internal data structures for significantly faster handling of databases with many tables
  • Added notification if BULK INSERT is disabled for SQL Server target
  • Fixed Postgres 8.0 metadata reading
March 29, 2011 Full Convert 5.11 released
  • Improved handling of invalid date values for NOT NULL target columns. We will now use minimum allowed value for a specific datatype used
  • Full Convert now migrates comments for tables and columns if target database supports that feature
  • Oracle RAW(x) datatype is now converted to BINARY(x) SQL Server datatype when possible
  • Fixed bulk insert handling of SQL Server target binary data
January 10, 2011 Full Convert 5.10 released
  • Added handling of complex default values (function calls and expressions) to MySQL target. As MySQL doesn't support that, we now create before insert trigger and set those values there.
  • Paradox reader no longer attempts to place a write lock on the files
  • Changed DBF file NULL value parsing - empty numeric values will now be read as NUL
  • Fixed PostgreSQL target blob data writing
  • Fixed Excel target data truncation when source database is read in chunks
  • Fixed XML target data truncation when source database is read in chunks
  • Fixed CSV target header row multiplication on each target chunk when header row writing is turned on
  • Fixed new file generated on each run - small temporary file was not deleted properly
  • Fixed datatype and defaults mapping reloading - you needed to exit the application for new mappings to be recognized. No more.
  • Fixed trial version bug causing 'can't find field' error for certain table fields
  • Fixed NULL default values for Oracle DATE fields
  • Fixed parsing of Oracle constraints when table is in non-default schema
  • Fixed crash when MySQL target user doesn't have SHOW DATABASES privilege
November 11, 2010 Full Convert 5.9 released
  • Added checks if source and target database are the same. This is not allowed so that our users don't accidentally drop tables in source database, too.
  • Added fast chunking support to PostgreSQL source
  • Changed GUID conversion to MySQL to have { and } enclosing characters removed
  • We now automaticaly use Oracle UNISTR function when inserting Oracle data (not used in LOAD mode) when Unicode data is selected. This allows for automatic Unicode character insertion into databases with non-Unicode character set.
  • In trial version we won't try to show nag window when quiet mode is used (in scheduled run)
  • Fixed conversion of Oracle LONG values to SQL Server varbinary(max) - used with SQL2005+
  • Fixed conversion of SQL Server defaults containing Unicode strings
  • Fixed an error when resolving dependencies from tables not included in the conversion
September 23, 2010 Full Convert 5.8 released
  • Added support for Excel cells containing very large text blocks
  • Added support for creating new Access 2007-2010 databases
  • Added a progress dialog when refreshing target database, as with large databases it takes some time
  • Fixed datetime default value translation for Interbase/Firebird target
  • Fixed showing of created XLSX documents for target databases
  • Fixed showing of created XML documents for target databases when table is not expanded in database tree
  • Fixed automatic expansion of \r and \n characters into \r\n for SQL Server target
August 18, 2010 Full Convert 5.7 released
  • Fixed reading of Oracle materialized views
  • Fixed creation of foreign keys in Oracle in cases when source table didn't have needed indexes in place
  • Fixed rare crashes when closing the application
July 22, 2010 Full Convert 5.6 released
  • Added encryption support to SQL Server connection
  • Added non-standard port support to SQL Server connection
  • Added per-project setting for text file header and footer line skip count
  • Improved compatibility with Firebird 1.x
  • Improved task scheduler error reporting. Unsupported option combinations are now clearly explained.
  • Modified GUID translation to Oracle - instead of VARCHAR(38) it is now translated to RAW(16)
  • Fixed bug with Paradox graphic fields
  • Fixed saving of text connection parameters in project
June 1, 2010 Full Convert 5.5 released
  • Added support for XML schema. This allows easy conversion of standard XML datasets.
  • Added support for XML target! You can now easily export from any database to XML datasets.
  • Added 'No data' option to Customize Table dialog.
  • Improved handling of duplicate object names. We now rename target objects before conversion when duplicates are detected to avoid errors. Of course, you can still set proper names yourself in Customize Table dialog.
  • Improved schema handling - added option to recreate all schemas, use schemas as table prefixes, or ignore schema information (default)
  • Turned out that Oracle doesn't allow ROWID column name, even if it is enclosed with double quotes. Forced rename of such identifiers to ROWID_ from now on for Oracle target.
  • Fixed detection of certain Oracle indexes
  • Fixed extra empty row showing up for Excel source documents with header row
  • Fixed dynamic chunk creating in cases where primary key consists of very large integral numbers (>=16 digits)
May 17, 2010 Full Convert 5.4 released
  • Improved ODBC support, removed dependency on ODBC 3.0 compliant drivers
  • Improved support for PostgreSQL 7.x
  • Added ability to use multi-character delimiters for text files
  • Removed trimming of table field names when they have dot in a name
  • Fixed parsing of dBase 3 memo fields
April 16, 2010 Full Convert 5.3 released
  • Enforced index and constraints auto-renaming for Oracle and Postgres target regardless of the Options, as too many users were unaware of the option and got errors for duplicate names
  • Improved support for PostgreSQL
  • Improved support for old Oracle versions (8i)
  • Improved handling of duplicate fields in DBF tables
  • Improved speed of parsing invalid dates in DBF tables
  • Added hard limit to 10 records in SQL Server target extended inserts (SQL Server blocks hard on high batch, unlike MySQL which is very, very fast there)
January 13, 2010 Full Convert 5.2 released
  • Added automatic creation of a target database for Postgres engine
  • Added support for MySQL servers with ANSI_QUOTES configuration turned on
  • Extended NVARCHAR maximum length in MySQL to 65535 characters
  • Improved representation of connection errors to end user. We now show more user-friendly dialog with a direct link to appropriate online documentation page.
  • Improved conversion speed for all users who use Table Settings. We now turn the fast bulk mode off only if user actually declared SQL expressions to calculate new data on the fly.
  • Improved chunking code to use unique indexes when table doesn't have primary key.
  • Added transfer mode display to the progress dialog. You can now see if bulk mode is used, if table is chunked or not, etc.
  • Added support for old Postgres databases (<7.4), which use old frontend protocol for communication
  • Automatically removing 8-byte image header from Paradox graphic fields
  • Improved parsing of dBase/FoxPro CDX index files (CDX)
  • Improved recognition of ODBC datatypes
  • Changed default connection mode for Oracle to "Direct TCP/IP" from current "Oracle client"
  • Fixed and improved Access table properties changing. Renaming Access tables is now instant.
  • Fixed project customization column case bug where Unchanged case cleared column case
  • Fixed handling of PostgreSQL schemas
  • Fixed conversion of certain datatypes to PostgreSQL
  • Fixed parsing of SQL Server Compact table names which caused them to fail converting.
  • Fixed Paradox long memos handling, where memos were truncated to 20.000 characters
  • Fixed dBase DBT memos reading
  • Fixed translation of MySQL bit default values to SQL Server
  • Fixed memory leaks which become an issue with databases containing over 30k tables
  • Fixed datatype and default values advanced mappings handling
September 1, 2009 Full Convert 5.1 released
  • Much improved ODBC support
  • Added defaults mapping so you can now override your complex default values with proper native target counterparts. Options have been updated so we made a new Mappings section.
  • Added quick help for connecting in the Project Settings
  • Fixed SQL Server IDENTITY_INSERT bug introduced in v5.0
  • Fixed handling of Null value in Paradox TIMESTAMP fields
  • Many bug-fixes throughout the application
July 13, 2009 Full Convert 5.0 released
  • Conversion engine rewritten so that .NET framework is no longer required. This considerably reduces installation size and memory consumption, improves conversion speed and user interface responsiveness.
  • Handling of huge databases is taken to the next level using advanced algorithm for partial data loading. Now memory consumption is low and constant, so you can convert hundreds of GB without touching any options. Converting of huge databases is now very fast as database server isn't burdened with calculating chunk positions so you typically won't even notice that tables are read in chunks during conversion.
  • Added handling of user erroneously opening a database file using Open Project button. Full Convert will now recognize the file type and start a new conversion wizard with the opened file as a source.
  • Added support for Excel 2007 files as a target. For each project, choose whether you want Excel97 or Excel2007 output.
  • Excel doesn't have to be installed as we use native Excel read/write components for maximum speed and reliability.
  • Table Settings dialog now notifies that filter is not available for non-relational source databases
  • Improved handling of TEXT target database. Full Convert now uses very little memory (and a constant amount) as output text is streamed directly to file and we take advantage of our advanced partial data loading algorithm.
  • When you open data in grid, it will now by default be best-fitted for optimal display if table has up to 5.000 records. This behavior can be changed in the Options dialog.
  • SQL Server Compact Edition database maximum size increased to 4GB
  • Added a fast SQL Server detection. It will only detect local SQL Server instances to avoid lag, and Server field will be filled right away with the first instance detected.
  • By default, from now on MySQL target uses database default for table engine (i.e. Full Convert will not specify it). It's still overridable in Options.
  • Added NDBCLUSTER table engine for MySQL target
  • If you specify MySQL database which doesn't exist as a target, Full Convert will ask if you wish it to create it for you automatically.
  • Added support for SQL_VARIANT SQL Server data type. When you convert it to other database engines, we copy it as a BLOB.
  • Added option to generate sqlplus compatible output for Oracle target
  • Added support for multiple double-quotes in CSV text files. For example: "This is ""quoted"" inside a string by specifying each quote twice" now parses properly.
  • Added option to reconnect to both source and target database on each conversion and reread the metadata if you want to make sure you have the latest info.
  • Improved progress dialog. You can now instantly cancel long-running Oracle direct-load transfers. Also, visual clue added when slow parameterized mode is used due to BLOB data in table.
  • Added 'Test Filter' button in Table Settings. Use it to see how many records your custom source table filter selects.
  • Modified Postgres database table parsing so that only the tables in the current schema are visible
  • All Interbase/Firebird user-defined BLOB types are now handled. User-defined types are handled as SUB_TYPE 0.
  • Fixed rare case when MySQL BTREE index caused parser error while analyzing table
  • Fixed handling of MySQL YEAR data type
  • Fixed handling of Postgres BOOLEAN data type
  • Fixed reading of Postgres unique/primary key attributes
  • Fixed case when constraint names were lowercased unintentionally
  • Fixed handling of DBF logical data type ('Y' values were incorrectly tagged as False)
  • Removed differences in default data type mapping in Table Settings compared to default on-the-fly mapping
February 9, 2009 Full Convert 4.6 released
  • Significantly improved conversion speed for Firebird target, around 300% increase
  • Added support for SQL Server Compact Edition, both as a source and as a target
  • Added support for SQL Server 2008 new DATE, TIME and DATETIME2 types
  • Added support for SQL Server 2008 new multi-line SQL insert command
  • Added printing support
  • Added new command-line override. When you specify -override tables_to_process=*, Full Convert will process all tables from the source
  • Added support for character fields larger than 255 characters in DBF engine
  • Added support for SQL Server XML datatype
  • Increased timeout for command execution in most targets to get rid of timeouts for long index creation
  • Improved performance of connecting to SQL Server and listing its tables
  • Improved handling of very large custom user SQL scripts so that scripts sized hundreds of MB use a minimum of RAM
  • Set default write batch records to 200 as this proved optimal for most target databases.
  • We no more convert dates on each SQL insert to Oracle target. We rather change the session NLS_DATE_FORMAT and NLS_TIMESTAMP_FORMAT variables.
  • Auto-creating Access database will now use your default database folder instead of Desktop, if you have specified the folder in the options dialog.
  • Fixed calculating numeric size from DBF source. DBF defines size excluding decimals, while modern databases define it including decimals. These causes occasional numeric overflows during conversion.
  • Fixed trial version issue with SQL Server target where trial watermark can cause string truncation error
  • Fixed handling of tables with percent-sign in the name
  • Fixed handling of table and column names starting with a number for Interbase/Firebird target
  • Fixed case for Oracle target where parameters were not used to insert CLOB data
  • Fixed case for MySQL target where key column names were trimmed to 64 characters alltogether, instead of per-column
  • Fixed conversion from MySQL to MySQL where table engine was enforced with empty string
  • Fixed handing of datetime values where a very small values were incorrectly interpreted as NULL values
January 14, 2009 Full Convert 4.5 released
  • Significantly improved conversion when large BLOB data is used by replacing some string routines with highly optimized code from Ralf Junker, The Delphi Inspiration (
  • Improved handling of invalid source data containing NULL values in NOT NULL fields
  • Paradox strings are no more right-trimmed by Full Convert
  • Fixed connection lost error on long index creation in MySQL
December 19, 2008 Full Convert 4.4 released
  • Read large table in chunks is now supported in Firebird source (but not Interbase)
  • Added Force columns in primary key NOT NULL option for SQL Server target. This is default behavior, as SQL Server requires all PK columns to be NOT NULL. If your data contains NULL values in columns which are part of PK, you can disable this option to have all data converted.
  • Added automatic handling of certain invalid DBF data when encountered
  • Implemented memory optimizations when unpacking large (hundred MB in size) SQL scripts from file for automated execution before or after conversion
  • Improved datetime detection in Excel document cells
  • Fixed reading of large SQL Server tables in chunks when primary key was nonclustered.
  • Fixed reading of formatted paradox memos for certain versions of Paradox tables
  • Fixed conversion of SQL Server timestamp to Oracle
  • Fixed case when large Paradox memos could corrupt memory buffer
  • Interbase/Firebird client library setting was ignored (gds32.dll/fbclient.dll). Fixed.
October 20, 2008 Full Convert 4.3 released
  • Added multi-select in table selection
  • Multiple-sheet Excel documents are now handled automatically. Each sheet represents a separate table. Empty sheets are ignored.
  • Line break characters inside CSV text documents are now handled correctly in the case when the new line character occurs inside of the quoted string value.
  • You can now open saved project even if an error occurs loading a saved project (for example, when database doesn't exist anymore or server IP changed). Project Settings are opened automatically so you can correct invalid information.
  • Simplified automatic character set conversion. It is now enabled by default and doesn't need a target character set to function, as we support Unicode data.
  • Added custom character set definiton to MySQL options. This is useful, for example, for utf8 data.
  • Added WITH NOCHECK option for primary key creation of SQL Server target
  • Fixed execution of custom long Oracle scripts in Run Before/After Conversion
  • Fixed case where Interbase/Firebird text blob fields were converted as garbage
  • Fixed connecting to SQL Server 2000 and older in SQL Server mode authentication
October 3, 2008 Full Convert 4.2 released
  • Full Convert will no more empty target column definitions in Table Settings when you choose Recreate/Append Data mode. This way you can create project even if you plan to deploy target database structure later.
  • Fixed handling of Oracle parameters where old parameters were not cleared correctly
  • Fixed detection of local/remote server for SQL Server when named instance is specified
  • Fixed writing of Excel files
  • Fixed case when Full Convert ignored 'Create tables' option in the new Customize dialog
  • Fixed ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes: expected NCLOB got BLOB
  • Fixed a last-minute change causing mixed authentication to fail on SQL Server 2005
  • Fixed a case where same-named tables in different target SQL Server schemas caused internal duplicate index error in Full Convert
September 25, 2008 Full Convert 4.1 released
  • Added support for executing SQL scripts on the source database before and after conversion
  • Added support to consecutively run several files inside of the ZIP archive as external scripts. You can even specify file masks!
  • Project customization expanded and moved to separate dialogue
  • Completely rewritten Excel support. It is now faster, much more reliable and doesn't even require Excel to be installed.
  • We have temporarily disabled MySQL LOAD DATA feature due to bugs in the MySQL implementation regarding Unicode data. As MySQL inserts are very fast anyway, this is not really a burning issue.
  • Auto-refreshing scheduled tasks can now be disabled in the Scheduler
  • dbo Schema in SQL Server source is no more explicitly defined in target to avoid cluttering table names with unnecessary prefixes. Other schemas are copied.
  • Conversion will now drop related foreign keys prior to dropping a table in SQL Server target
  • Fixed handling of text data type for SQL Server 2000
  • Fixed handling of varchar(max), nvarchar(max) and varbinary(max) data types in global override of data types in Options
  • Fixed list colors on WindowsXP
  • Fixed automatic recognition of delimited text files in Project Settings
  • Fixed Unicode writing to Oracle target
  • Clicking Copy/Append/No Data options in project customization page was forcing immediate convert
August 11, 2008 Full Convert 4.0 released
  • Totally new user interface! We used ribbon known from Office 2007 to simplify your workflow and improve the experience.
  • Editions are now discontinued. Users were often confused which Edition they need and demand for lite version of the product was far less than for the Enterprise version.
  • Added Unicode support! Full Convert can now handle all those umlauts, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic letters with ease!
  • Added Excel as a conversion target - you can write a whole bunch of Excel documents (one for each table) or stuff all tables as sheets in a single Excel document
  • Added ability to run custom user SQL scripts before and after each conversion. You can also specify external files (even ZIP files) to be read, unpacked and executed.
  • Added in-place edit feature into the data grid. No more need to go to other tools to modify your converted data.
  • Added datatype mapping on a global level as well and set-up rules used for all conversions.
  • Added improved error reporting. You can now send a bug report from any error message to seek for help - this is great for managing database setup
  • Added tips into error messages. For the common problems Full Convert will suggest actions to resolve the issue.
  • Added display of progress when Full Convert is called via command-line and immediate close switch is not specified
  • Added automatic 'Skip activation' action when trial can't reach our server due to firewall/proxy setup
  • Added schema specification in SQL Server
  • Added automatic creation of index for MySQL target Table Settings when user creates auto_increment column
  • Added direct link to customize the project
  • Added satisfaction survey to the trial version so we can easily be notified of the problems and new features requests.
  • Added notification window when the conversion is finished
  • Improved scheduler
  • Improved progress dialog can now be dragged and is no longer visible on top of other windows
  • Fixed handling of empty varchar(max) SQL Server datatype
  • Fixed handling of double datatype for DBF source tables
  • Fixed reading of disabled options intended for Enterprise in Editions
  • Fixed occasional handling of Oracle clob as blob data
  • Fixed case when Oracle sequence was not created for empty source table
  • Fixed creation of indexes in Access target
  • Fixed 'Unknown datatype' error in Oracle target
  • Fixed Interbase/Firebird WHERE clause handling in Table Settings
  • Fixed conversion of Oracle LONG RAW datatype to SQL Server 2000 target
January 29, 2008 Full Convert 3.3 released
  • Added support for Oracle 11g
  • MySQL target will now automatically convert decimal identity fields to int/bigint, depending on the size
  • Fixed occasional incomplete metadata retrieval
  • Fixed handling of NULL values in fields where target database doesn't support NULLs in specific scenarios
  • Fixed handling of MySQL mediumtext datatype
November 28, 2007 Full Convert 3.2 released
  • Added an option to require user global datatype matching for users who want absolute control over conversion
  • MySQL target now creates only required indexes as a part of create table statement and the rest later
  • Added warning when BULK mode and Table Settings are used so you can know when a table can't use BULK mode
  • Added handling of case when MySQL returns incomplete create table statement to us
  • Fixed global datatype conversion casing sensitivity
  • Fixed handling of 64-bit integer values for Interbase/Firebird target
November 16, 2007 Full Convert 3.1 released
  • Fixed handling of MySQL unsigned datatypes
  • Fixed Paradox tables reading
  • Fixed reopening of Access password protected databases
  • Fixed the WHERE condition in Table Settings which was ignored in v3.0
  • Fixed table name transforming in Session Wizard's Customize section
October 20, 2007 Full Convert 3.0 released
  • Massive data transfer speedup!
  • Added support for MySQL LOAD DATA bulk mode
  • Added support for PostgreSQL COPY bulk mode
  • Improved process of conversion from SQL2005 to SQL2000 or earlier
  • Added warnings to the conversion log
  • Empty tables are now immediately skipped when copying data
  • Added handling of duplicate DBF indexes
  • Added autorename of duplicate DBF fields
  • Added visual clue icon to clear when the table is being open, when Full Convert processes data, and when the target database processes the data
  • Added global datatype conversion override for each target
  • Added preview of delimited text file in Session Wizard for easy selection of delimiter
  • Improved scheduler - tasks can now be repeated (even every minute if needed) for a specific time duration - and force stopped if they run too long
  • Bulk mode temporary files written asynchronously for best performance. We used a very nice class written by Dmitry Streblechenko ( in 1997.
  • You can now specify client and server for for the bulk mode temporary files for each target, and override it per session
  • Trial does not expire anymore, to help those who need more time evaluating
  • DBF files are no more locked for writing during conversion
  • Fixed progress bar display (last write batch didn't update the progress bar)
  • Fixed Firebird default value parsing
September 26, 2007 Full Convert suite 2.19 released
  • Added ability to directly type in the name of PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases in the Session Wizard
  • Fixed Interbase/Firebird blob sub_type handling
  • Fixed PostgreSQL login bug
  • Fixed PostgreSQL blob writing bug
  • Fixed Access password handling
August 31, 2007 Full Convert suite 2.18 released
  • Fixed MySQL tinyint interpretation as bool
  • Fixed Lotus1-2-3 handling
  • Fixed Interbase/Firebird index creation
  • Fixed reading tables in chunks
August 14, 2007 Full Convert suite 2.17 released
  • Added ability to directly type in the name of MySQL database in the Session Wizard, for users who can't connect with a blank database to get a list of available ones
  • Fixed missing PostgreSQL access DLLs. We have added missing DLLs to our release
  • Fixed 'Data copying for existing tables' error for new projects
July 7, 2007 Full Convert suite 2.16 released
  • Added support for PostgreSQL as both source and target (Enterprise required for the target)
  • Added filter in Table Settings. You can now specify the "WHERE clause" to filter out the source data for any table. This is only supported for relational source databases.
  • Speed up of MySQL connection time by not using slow information_schema to read metadata
  • Added advanced options to the Session Wizard (Enterprise only): Select tables with different size, Data copying for existing tables, Clear All Table Settings
  • Added an option to auto-save error log
  • Changed trial mode. No more records/column limitation, now we simply stamp the data with ***TRIALMODE*** every few records
  • Improved compatibility with SQL Server 6.5
  • TEXT datatype is now by default converted to VARCHAR(MAX) if SQL2005 is used as a target
  • BLOBs are now by default converted to VARCHAR(MAX) if size is larger than 8000 characters and SQL2005 is used as a target
  • Added support for 'USING BTREE' clause in MySQL index definition
  • Full Convert won't automatically rename identifiers which are reserved words in target database anymore. There is an option to turn this behavior on.
  • Scientific number notation is not used anymore for SQL Server target because SQL2005 no longer supports it in BULK INSERT by default
  • Oracle sequence and trigger names are now trimmed to 30 characters
  • Fixed connection issue when SQL Server is running on a different port than default
  • Fixed the problem where Access and SQL Server data only preserved 4 digits behind decimal point
  • Fixed occasional errors with BULK INSERT of BLOB and DATETIME data on SQL Server target
  • Fixed the handling of case when Interbase doesn't fill-in certain metadata values
  • Fixed parsing of Access indexes
April 23, 2007 Full Convert suite 2.15 released
  • Added support for Oracle sequences and corresponding triggers to Enterprise
  • Added support for Interbase/Firebird DEFAULT values
  • Added support for different type of quoting in delimited text files
  • Added compatible mode for connection to SQL Server 6.5 and earlier
  • Oracle parser will now skip over SDO_GEOMETRY fields
  • Enforced Oracle date format to a fixed format to avoid problems with varying configurations
  • Removed single quote as a string delimiter in delimited text parser. Now only double quotes delimit strings, which helps to parse files where strings are not enclosed with quotes, yet contain single quotes.
  • Fixed escaping of double quote in a MySQL target. It isn't quoted anymore.
  • Fixed issues with defaults and SQL Server VARCHAR(MAX) columns
  • Fixed Session Wizard appearance on large-fonts displays
  • Fixed certain cases where Oracle target could miss a constraint
March 12, 2007 Full Convert suite 2.14 released
  • Added support for BINARY, VARBINARY types in MySQL
  • Added support for VARCHAR(MAX), NVARCHAR(MAX), VARBINARY(MAX) in SQL Server
  • Added Text as target engine to Enterprise for easy conversion of source database to delimited text
  • Added auto-translation of character set to Enterprise (from dBase, FoxPro and Paradox sources)
  • Added graceful fallback to DML in Oracle target when Direct mode is used
  • Added ability to resize Session Wizard, handy when you have large table names
  • Added graceful bypass of handling of mysql.proc in case that user doesn't have proper SELECT privileges for MySQL connections
  • Added detection of installed OLEDB providers. SQL Server connection now automatically uses SQLNCLI instead of SQLOLEDB if available.
  • Added detection of maximum allowed packet size for MySQL target, so Full Convert will take advantage of increased packet size if available
  • Added selection of protocol for Interbase/Firebird connection
  • The dialog is shown to user to use 'Read large tables in chunks' when OutOfMemory exception is encountered
  • Removed legacy database connections (dBase and FoxPro over OLEDB) as they are superseded by a direct reader 'dBase and FoxPro (DBF)'
  • Removed MySQLscript engine from the source engine list as it ended there by mistake
  • SQL Server statistics are no more being interpreted as indexes for a table
  • Fixed the Table Settings - when Append Data was selected, the option was not remembered
February 16, 2007 Full Convert suite 2.13 released
  • Added support for Access 2007
  • Added quick-select of local SQLExpress
  • Added "quiet" command-line switch which hides the application window
  • Added ability to override Interbase/Firebird library from default GDS32.DLL
  • Improved Interbase/Firebird structure reading. Option to read full Interbase/Firebird schema at once has been removed.
  • Fixed TXT import where character "\r" was left at the end of the last field in line
  • Fixed DBF memo reading in certain versions of DBF
November 24, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.12 released
  • Added optional parsing of SQL Server views as if they were tables. Enterprise only.
  • Added default SYSDBA/masterkey username/password for the Interbase/Firebird connection
  • Added recognition whether Interbase or Firebird is used and graceful override of functionality unsupported in Interbase. For example, read large table in chunks in supported in Firebird, but not in Interbase.
  • Added workaround for Interbase/Firebird bug where server does not support direct reference of columns named as reserved words.
  • Added option to skip primary key creation for Oracle target
  • Changed code signing to Verisign instead of Thawte in preparation for "Certified for Windows Vista" logo program when Windows Vista is released
  • Fixed unsupported CLOB syntax in Oracle versions less than 10
October 10, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.11 released
  • Rewritten delimited text file handling. It is now not cached anymore, resulting in great memory consumption saving. Full Convert now handles text files of hundreds of GB of size easily.
  • Added option to skip prefix and suffix lines in the delimited text file. This allows to bypass header comment and summary info, for example.
  • Added reports of the source and target tables with their record counts (Enterprise only)
  • Greatly speeded up Oracle and SQL Server standard SQL inserts. You can tweak Options (Insert data in batches) and vary number of records inserted per batch to maximize throughput on your machine.
  • Added auto select in Session Wizard. Enterprise only.
  • Added recognition of all reserved words in target databases. If a table or column name is a reserved word, an underscore character will be appended in the generated target name.
  • Added optional parsing of Oracle views as if they were tables. Enterprise only.
  • Fixed data throughput calculation not to include opening of the table, only data copying
  • Removed dependency of the generated DATETIME SQL string on the system regional settings
  • Fixed handling of tables with quotes in the name in the Table Settings
  • Fixed built-in optional conversion of LONG to VARCHAR/CLOB in Oracle 8
  • Fixed occasional trimming of last character in the last DBF table field
  • Fixed detection of deleted DBF records
  • Fixed Oracle fast loader inability to find table when preserve table and column case is selected in Options
September 1, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.10 released
  • Added support for Views in ODBC. Enterprise only.
  • Force close of the application during conversion is now properly handled and this event is logged in the error log
  • Fixed interpretation of Oracle DATE datatype as DATETIME in the other database engines
August 17, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.9 released
  • Added per-session options. You can now choose to convert schema only, append data, skip indexes etc. without setting this up for all tables separately at the Table Setting dialog. Enterprise only.
  • Reading tables in chunks is now off by default in Enterprise. This maximizes speed, and users who convert huge databases can always turn this on to avoid big memory load.
  • Added ability to apply prefix to indexes and constraints, not only to tables. This is handy when loading several copies of the database into the same target database.
  • Added support for BCD datatype in Paradox
  • Added auto-refresh every 3 seconds in the Scheduler task list
  • Improved support for LONG datatype in Oracle
  • Fixed parsing of tables in MySQL. Views were treated as tables, now they are ignored.
  • Fixed Paradox reader, in rare cases table reading was ended prematurely
  • Fixed a situation where SQL Server target in certain rare circumstances mixed blob text/binary attribute
  • Fixed reading of NUMERIC datatype from DBF source. It was converted into DOUBLE, and now is marked as DECIMAL of correct precision as scale.
  • Fixed reading of CURRENCY datatype from the Access source. It was converted into DECIMAL, and now is marked as MONEY.
  • Fixed exception when "override_file" command line parameter was invalidly specified in Enterprise
  • Fixed non-initialized NULL values when using Oracle fast loader
  • Fixed hiding of the Welcome Dialog - the option in question was ignored
July 14, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.8 released
  • Relaxed conditions to be able to take advantage of Oracle fast loader. Now (N)CHARs and (N)VARCHARs can be used as well.
  • Oracle target now (again) uses internal fast loader as default. You can enable standard inserts in Options dialog.
  • Fixed Interbase/Firebird huge tables reading by chunks in Enterprise
  • Fixed Oracle option to change (N)CLOBs to (N)VARCHARs
July 4, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.7 released
  • Extended trial records limit to 50 and set this mode to default
  • Fixed parsing of Full Convert 1.x DBF session files
  • Fixed Table Settings in 'recreating data' mode - original table name was used for truncating, ignoring eventual user-specified name
June 25, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.6 released
  • ODBC support fully rewritten. It is now much faster and very reliable.
  • Changed Table Settings behavior - global name changing options are applied even when user has defined table settings - to allow easy global uppercasing or similar situation
  • Added character set translation in Enterprise to Paradox reader in addition to DBF
  • Added parsing of FoxPro DBC file to allow for long field names
  • In Enterprise version, added ability to override session connection parameters using command line switches or using external file
  • Mapped minus character in table names to underscore character for Oracle target
  • License info now displays whether it is single user, site, or worldwide license
  • MySQL table engine is now by default preserved when converting to MySQL (as a backup for example)
  • Added default username to use when specifying MySQL connections - default is "root"
  • Added ability to overwrite index names during schema parsing. This is useful when you have indexes with same names, target databases mostly do not support that.
  • Added support for Oracle ROWID datatype
  • Added trimming of trailing spaces in the DBF source strings
  • Full Convert now adds size to index column when target database is MySQL and column in question is BLOB. This can happen when source VARCHAR results with target TEXT datatype for example. Size is customizable in Options dialog.
  • Oracle target now uses standard inserts with append hint as default. You can enable internal fast loader in Options dialog.
  • Oracle and Interbase/Firebird target schemas are by default now created as case-insensitive. This overrides name transforms settings in Options, unless it is set to case-sensitive, in which case global options are applied.
  • Saving log files now prompts whether to overwrite if the file already exists
  • Fixed occasional failure to override blanks in not-null fields when Oracle direct loader is used
  • Fixed incorrectly calculated memo length in dBase7 reader
  • Fixed occasional invalid trimming of column names in Oracle constraints
  • Fixed occasional invalid display of accented character in built-in data grid
  • Fixed invalid interpretation of Integer columns as autoinc in DBF reader
May 22, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.5 released
  • Added support for dBase7 format
  • Added ability to deselect incorrectly defined fields in Table Settings
  • Direct loader for Oracle now also handles blanks in not-null fields
  • In Enterprise version, reading of large tables in chunks always fetched 50.000 records at a time. It now uses a value defined in Options.
  • In Enterprise version, added APPEND hint to Oracle loading modes definition
  • DBF tables with more than 255 columns are now supported
  • Fixed occasional incorrect interpretation of SQL Server column nullability property
April 25, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.4 released
  • Advanced table settings added to Session wizard in Enterprise version. Ability to override default conversion parameters on table and column level.
  • Direct Oracle fast loader is now turned on by default. It enables tenfold speedup compared to traditional SQL inserts, but is not used for tables containing blobs.
  • Added support for FoxPro and dBase over OLEDB, for customers who want to connect this way. This has to be turned on in Options.
  • MySQL target is now able to dynamically reorder colums and add index if needed for auto_increment columns to work. Also, only the first auto_increment column will keep this property, all the others will have this property reset because of MySQL's limitation of one autoinc column per table.
  • Added ability to specify default database folder in Options dialog
  • Added check for online updates (latest version)
  • DBF reader now recognizes field nullability, hidden fields and autoinc fields. This has to be enabled in Options.
  • DBF reader now parses CDX files to support translation of indexes
  • Session saving is now enabled in trial
  • Added fix for Oracle's inability to insert empty string in not null field. Oracle inserts NULL instead, so Full Convert now inserts a single space in such cases.
  • Fixed reset of Options on cancelling of Options dialog
  • Fixed handling of MySQL indexes' column length
  • Fixed handling of MySQL fulltext indexes
  • Fixed bug in trial where 5 records test mode was sometimes ignored and test mode was forced to 5 columns mode
March 22, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.3 released
  • Added creation of unique constraints to Interbase/Firebird tables where needed for foreign key recreation
  • Added creation of unique constraints to Oracle tables where needed for foreign key recreation
  • Added support for Oracle timestamp data type
  • Fixed handling of Interbase/Firebird tables containing quotes in their name
  • Fixed handling of Interbase/Firebird BLOB sub types
  • Fixed parsing of MySQL tables containing spaces in their name
  • Fixed reading of Oracle float type precision
March 14, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.2 released
  • Direct Oracle fast loader (huge speed gains) is now available in Enterprise version
  • Enhanced ODBC connection. Username, password and compatibility mode are added.
  • Fixed Memo fields handling of DBF VFP3 tables
  • Fixed datetime fields erroneous handling of DBF tables introduced in our direct DBF reader
  • Fixed connect error on attempt to open password protected Access database
February 9, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.1 released
  • Added character set conversion in Enterprise version (experimental, available only for DBF source for now)
  • Further speedup of SQL Server bulk insert mode
  • Speedup of dropping tables in SQL Server and Access targets
  • Multiple identity columns in source are now detected and modified so that only first one stays identity (for targets that do not support multiple identity columns per table)
  • Fixed case changing behavior in table and column name modifier to support characters with accents
  • Integer types in Oracle target are now converted to NUMBER type (not FLOAT anymore). NUMBER has precision set according to size of Integer type.
  • *.fcs (Full Convert session) files are now associated with Full Convert on install
  • Fixed case where invalid date in DBF record caused entire record to be rejected
  • Fixed Access relationship parsing error where differently named local and related columns were swapped
  • Fixed behavior when scheduled to run as System account
  • Fixed handling of Oracle CLOB columns
  • Fixed display of Oracle database in tree list to be user@service, not user@server
  • Now using quotes in Oracle target only where needed
January 16, 2006 Full Convert suite 2.0 released
  • Total user interface redesign
  • Overall conversion speed improvements
  • Added welcome dialog to speed up common tasks
  • Added built-in scheduler to enable fully automatic conversions
  • Improvement of Paradox source handling (increased speed, startup time of table data reading reduced to zero, minimal and constant memory consumption even for huge tables)
  • Merged Paradox and FoxPro engine to minimize confusion of users as both engines use DBF files
  • Added interception of NULL values in Interbase/Firebird primary key columns, as primary key columns can only be NOT NULL. Default values are inserted to avoid Interbase/Firebird exceptions.
  • Best fit for data displayed in grid can now be limited for small tables only (configurable in Options)
  • Options improved
  • Improved logging speed of field validations errors (such as invalid dates)
  • Improved update of progress dialog for tables with huge blobs where database can handle only a few records per second
  • Improved Oracle target speed when table doesn't contain BLOBs
  • Delimited text file no more requires character columns to be enclosed in quotes. VARCHAR is now default field type, used when no other type passes validation rules.
  • SQL sent to database is flushed before it reaches 1MB in size to avoid problem with typical setup of MySQL and BLOBs.
  • Installation files are now signed
  • Fixed dropping of Access tables (dependant foreign key constraints were not dropped correctly)
  • Fixed detection of Access autoincrement columns
  • Fixed detection of Access referential integrity rules (on update/on delete)
  • Fixed a bug where Oracle FLOAT data type used digit instead of binary precision, resulting in less precision than desired
  • Fixed detection of Interbase/Firebird primary keys
August 30, 2005 Full Convert 1.9 released (Interbase/Firebird Edition introduced)
  • Interbase/Firebird Edition introduced!
  • Added XML support
  • Separated conversion into 4 stages (create tables, transfer data, create indexes, apply constraints), so that data is always transferred, even if it does not conform correctly to unique indexes and constraint rules
  • All targets now save referential integrity constraints
  • Added support for ON DELETE and ON UPDATE rules
  • Added error return code so scheduled conversion can trap errors
  • Interbase/Firebird now handles both SQL Dialects 1 and 3
  • Improved compatibility with Oracle 8.x (which does not support multi-byte characters)
  • Improved conversion of default values
  • You can now select tables of any user in Session Wizard for Oracle source
  • Improved Oracle connection dialog so server and port can more easily be defined
  • Improved responsiveness of Cancel button in progress dialog
  • License keys should now work also with most exotic characters in our customers' names :)
  • SQL Log no longer takes up memory during conversion
  • Fixed case where some Excel sheets were not displayed as tables
  • Removed delay on typing SQL Server connection server name (network was polled for existing SQL Servers too often)
  • Improved detection of invalid data in source database
  • Removed 'Professional' and 'Standard' versions as such. 'Standard' versions are no more supported, and 'Professional' are simply Editions.
June 13, 2005 Full Convert 1.8 released
  • Fixed Interbase/Firebird error with mixed-case table names
  • Performance much improved in SQL Server target
  • Improved progress dialog
  • Fixed cancelling in memory optimized mode
  • Added Oracle target option: Long text columns are now by default converted to VARCHAR(4000), because Oracle limits table structure to have only one LONG column per table
  • Added detection of multiple same columns defined in index
  • Fixed incorrect detection of Excel print areas as sheets
May 5, 2005 Full Convert 1.7 released
  • Added memory optimized mode for huge tables (tens of millions of records) to Enterprise version. This mode slows down conversion a bit, but uses small memory footprint. Supported source databases:
  • MySQL
  • FoxPro
  • Oracle
  • Access (must have primary key defined to take advantage of this feature)
  • SQL Server (must have primary key defined to take advantage of this feature)
  • Fixed MySQL partial index recognition
March 27, 2005 Full Convert 1.6 released (Access Edition introduced)
  • Fixed invalid handling of SQL Server timestamp column
  • Fixed conversion of strings containing ASCII value of zero characters. They are now replaced with spaces allowing SQL to be executed properly.
  • Fixed occasional Interbase/Firebird server list error
  • Fixed truncating of decimal values to 2 decimal places
  • Fixed unicode column types detection in databases not supporting unicode
  • Fixed numerous Access target bugs
  • Fixed ignoring of MySQL table type option - InnoDB was always used.
  • Access Edition introduced!
  • Added ability to supress invalid field value errors to speed up conversion when there are many
  • Added ability to force Unicode or Non-Unicode columns to target database
  • Fixed Oracle blob and clob columns reading
  • Fixed incorrect setting of Paradox 00:00 time values to NULL
  • Fixed occasional wrong conversion of decimal datatype as integer from Interbase source
March 15, 2005 New Full Convert online tutorials are now available.
March 8, 2005 Full Convert 1.5 released
  • Fixed long varchar columns converting to MySQL
  • Fixed Oracle multiple-columns foreign keys handling
  • Fixed SQL Server foreign keys handling
  • Fixed Browse For Folder dialog incompatibility with certain systems
  • Improved Lotus 1-2-3 handling
  • Fixed invalid numbers handling in Paradox
  • Fixed NCHAR2, NVARCHAR2 and FLOAT handling in Oracle
  • Fixed incorrect multibyte character column length detection in Oracle
  • Changed folder browser behavior to automatically position to current folder
February 11, 2005 Full Convert 1.4 released
  • Oracle Edition introduced!
  • Paradox primary keys are now created in target database
  • Conversion process is now cancellable
  • Added command-line support for easy batch/scheduling
  • Added Export to text in Enterprise version
  • Added option to ignore default values. Usable for situations when default value is incompatible with target database
  • Edit SQL dialog is now color-coded
  • Fixed certain cases invalid Paradox blob field handling
  • Fixed incompatibility with Oracle 8
  • Fixed occasional incorrect Interbase/Firebird character column length detection
  • Fixed MySQL 4.1 authorization problems
  • User interface is improved
  • Direct connection to Oracle supported. Oracle Client software is not required anymore.
  • Added ability to drop recycle bin objects in Oracle database
  • Trial version is not row-limited anymore. This will provide good insight in conversion speed for user's specific installation.
  • Fixed Batch insert problem for Oracle target database. (Invalid character error)
  • Numerous smaller Oracle incompatibilities fixed
February 11, 2005 Full Convert online help is now available.
January 16, 2005 Full Convert 1.3 released
  • Added ODBC sources support
  • Added option to log all SQL commands during conversion in Enterprise version - SQL is displayed syntax colored
  • Added option to convert non-scaled decimals (numerics) to integers
  • Added conversion summary dialog
  • Added ability to go to specific record in table using Ctrl+G or using context menu on table data grid
  • Changed options behavior for changing case in Options - now tables and columns can have separate settings
  • Split logs to summary, error log and SQL log. Each can be saved separately. (SQL log is available in Enterprise version only)
  • Added exact reporting for invalid fields - this, combined with 'Go to record', enables you to easily find invalid data
  • Fetching record count for Paradox tables is now almost instant
  • Fixed incorrect timestamp handling for Paradox tables
  • Fixed incorrect null reporting for Paradox boolean fields
  • Fixed incorrect date handling for FoxPro tables
  • Fixed multiple tables drop
  • Fixed index creation failure in trial version when trying to create index of column skipped in trial
  • Fixed handling of tables with parentheses in name
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of table structure on case sensitive SQL Servers
December 2, 2004 Full Convert 1.2 released
  • Initial SQL Server Edition release
  • Initial Enterprise version release
  • Full support for MySQL 4.1
  • Added FoxPro support
  • Session wizard allows examining record counts of source data before importing (Professional, Enterprise)
  • Session wizard allows skipping of empty source tables (Professional, Enterprise)
  • Oracle dialog now supports authentication mode selection and lists available services
  • Added Options dialog
  • Added option to prepend prefix to target table
  • Added option to change case of tables and columns
  • Added option to display optimal column width in data grid
  • Added option to always display tables' record count
  • Added option to select target table type in MySQL
  • Added option to select number of records inserted per commit in MySQL
  • Rewritten handling of Paradox files for much better speed and accuracy
  • Rewritten handling of delimited text files for much better speed and accuracy
  • Added ability to view long text in grid cells
  • Fixed importing of indexes from SQL Server database
  • Indexes are now imported from Access databases
  • Increased number of allowed columns in trial from 3 to 5
October 7, 2004 Full Convert 1.1 released
  • Improved session wizard
  • Improved handling of Paradox files
  • Fixed width text files supported
  • Added passwords and system database support to Access connection
October 1, 2004 Full Convert - initial release
Full Convert Enterprise
  • Powerful database conversion
  • Install on up to 3 computers
  • Source: over 30 databases supported
  • Target: over 30 databases supported
  • Console application included
  • Extendable maintenance
  • Support by developers
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Instant delivery
includes 12 month maintenance
core suite
Monthly Yearly
  • fullconvert Full Convert Enterprise
  • replicator Replicator Pro
  • query Query Pro
  • documenter Documenter Pro
  • Up to 5 installations per application
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Instant delivery
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