Full Convert Pro can quickly synchronize changes in your data

When you don't want do recreate the whole target database from scratch, use our data change replication and update tables in-place.

  • When to use sync?

    If you already have your target database tables, we can compare source table with the target and do a few precise changes to the target to bring it in sync with the source.

  • Can you do two-way sync?

    We chose not to. More info in the FAQ below.

  • What are the requirements?

    The only thing we need is for source tables to have a primary or unique key defined, so we can tell which records are equivalent. If you don't have them on tables you want to synchronize, we allow you to specify custom key.

Frequently asked questions

We support some 40 databases at this point and are very likely to support yours. Take a look at the whole list on our databases page.

We chose not to pollute your databases with hundreds of triggers and log tables. Our solution is clean and supports all popular database engines (see overview page). Also, we're the only ones efficiently synchronizing non-relational files (CSV, DBF, Excel etc.) with the relational target tables.

Absolutely! Your source database will be used only for reading and is perfectly safe.

Yes! Use the standard conversion project once to create your target database and populate it with your source data. After that, create a data replication project for ongoing sync of the changes.

Head over to the purchase page, please. Make sure to purchase Pro or Ultimate plan to get the comparison and replication functionality.

Yes, there is a free trial available at the trial page. Provide an email when activating trial and you'll get full support from our developers.

Absolutely. Send an email to support, tell us which timezone you're in and describe what is it you need to achieve. One of our devs will get in touch.

Let's see how this works with an example

We have copied SQL Server's AdventureWorks database to PostgreSQL. At this point source and target databases are exactly the same; source is SQL Server and target is PostgreSQL.

We have copied SQL Server's AdventureWorks database to PostgreSQL. At this point source and target databases are exactly the same; source is SQL Server and target is PostgreSQL.

SQL script to change the target database

Databases are compared in Full Convert

Full Convert detects the changes. As 16 records are missing in the target compared to the source; it's the same as if 16 new records are added to the source so this is the convention Full Convert uses to report changes. Also, one record is changed.

All differences can be examined in Full Convert before applying the change replication. Added records show there is nothing in the target (bottom part of the row), while changed records split only the values that are actually different. We can see that CountryRegionCode and Name are the same for the "BA" record, while the Modified date differs.

Each difference can be examined

Applying the change script

Running the replication will apply the minimal changes to the target database. The script used is a minimal SQL script needed to bring the target in sync with the source database.

Running the comparison again will show that databases are again exactly the same. Often, customers will use Full Convert's built-in scheduler to do a periodic replication of data changes from source to the target.

Changes precisely copied to the target

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