NexusDB is a database engine by NexusDB Pty Ltd. It’s designed for Delphi as a fast embedded or client/server database engine, but has recently been updated to support Microsoft .NET platform. Source code is available as an option.

We support NexusDB directly in our products! You don't need separate drivers and can immediately connect to your database.

NexusDB implements SQL:2003 support and is intended as a replacement for local file-based databases and Borland Database Engine (notorious for bulk and bugs). Even when used as an embedded database, NexusDB internally preserves client/server architecture and supports transactions.

All our products support NexusDB database directly.

Export your NexusDB database

It may make sense to migrate your data away from NexusDB. You may want to do it permanently or just need to share your tables with a collague in a different format.

We will copy all your tables with their data and apply indexing and relationships exactly as they are in your current NexusDB database. In a nutshell, you get exactly the same database in another database engine. Each time you run the migration, we will copy all the tables again. Of course, we have a built-in scheduler, so you can run this overnight and have a fresh database copy in the morning.

Take a look at the quick tutorials below to see how it's done.

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