The easiest way to load huge amount of data into your database

Omni Loader is self-tuning and extremely scalable. It combines incredible ease of use with incredible performance.

  • Introduction

    Omni Loader is very powerful database migration solution, designed to migrate the largest databases extremely quickly. It is also very versatile - it can run as a standalone application on a single machine, as a distributed migration cluster coordinating work of dozens machines, or as a simple console application perfectly fitting in your scripting environment.

  • Self-tuning

    Unlike most of the existing solution which require a lot of effort setting up the migration project, Omni Loader works well without any customizations. Customization functionality built into Omni Loader allows you to fine-tune the migration to fit your needs, but it is an option and not a requirement. Always, the optimal setup is chosen for you, automatically.

  • Scalability on premises and on the cloud

    Omni Loader migrations are automatically massively parallelized out of the box. Individual tables and partitions are sliced and slices migrated in parallel. The key in reaching the performance numbers is running many jobs side by side. To increase parallelism, Omni Loader horizontally scales simply by running more agent processes on other machines. You can even mix Windows & Linux agents in the same cluster. This approach allows you to offset network latency when loading the data on premises to your cloud environment.

You can copy tables and data lightning-fast between over 20 databases

We take all the complexity away to make sure you get your job done quickly

Massively parallel data load
  • Save time on setup

    The migration is done with almost no setup needed, regardless of database complexity or size. Even if you decide to adjust the way tables are mapped, or define partitions, or use any other of the many customization features, Omni Loader gets out of the way and allows you to quickly get started.

  • Save time on data load

    Omni Loader is carefully engineered to achieve performance needed to load terabytes of data in short order. Our custom migration engine is designed to maximize throughput.

  • Rest assured your job gets done

    Omni Loader is built on and improves our battle-tested database migration technology that's on the market since 2001.

Frequently asked questions

We support some 20 databases at this point. The rest we support in our other products will be supported very soon. See our databases page.

Omni Loader easily migrates absolutely huge databases. Our competitors either require a lot of time-consuming setup time or the performance is not suitable for very large databases.

Of course. Please go to the demo request page .

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