Migrate Your Large Databases Quickly
Massively-Parallel Solution Gets Your Job Done

We fully utilize the latest multi-core CPUs to get the most from your hardware. Terabytes and even petabytes of data are handled by coordinated work of multiple machines.

Desktop version

Move terabytes of data easily with our Omni Loader Desktop Edition. It was never easier to process many tables.

Our philosophy is to hide all underlying complexity of dealing with databases to make your work faster and easier. Select up to 80 parallel workers and we'll spread the work among as many CPU cores your machine has. All the latest CPUs are fully supported and we can handle up to 80 parallel operations.

Everything is parallelized - table creation, data copying, index and foreign keys. This increases speed of operations by an order of magnitude.

You will want to run Omni Loader Desktop on a powerful computer with a fast network connection to your databases.

Distributed version

Move petabytes of data with our Omni Loader Distributed Edition.

The work is seamlessly distributed among as many worker processes on as many worker machines you have. You control the whole ETL cluster from a single easy-to-use modern and fast manager application.


We worked hard to make managing the cluster as easy as possible. Each worker node reports on its progress in real-time. The aggregate statistics are visible in a central progress screen, but you can see the detailed information about any of the worker nodes in the cluster at all times.

Worker nodes

Each of the workers automatically takes full advantage of the hardware. Not only are you spreading work between many machines, each of the machines runs many parallel tasks at the same time. All your CPU cores are fully utilized on all your worker nodes.

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