Oracle RDB

Oracle RDB

Oracle Rdb is a relational database management system for the OpenVMS operating system. It was originally released by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in 1984 as VAX Rdb/VMS.

Rdb featured one of the first cost-based optimizers, and after acquisition Oracle introduced a cost-based optimizer in its regular Oracle RDBMS product.

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We support Oracle RDB directly. No additional drivers are required.

Oracle RDB data types we support


binary_double, binary_float, float (real), number (integer, int, smallint, numeric, dec, decimal)


char, clob, nchar, nclob, nvarchar2, varchar2


date, timestamp

Large objects

blob, clob, nclob, sdo_geometry, xmltype


anydata, array, bfile, interval day to second (interval day), interval year to month (interval year), long, long raw, raw, rowid, urowid