Compare and synchronize your database tables

Non-destructively update your target database tables and make them match your source database, even across database types.

Replicator is discontinued and is now part of Full Convert Pro and Ultimate.
  • Synchronize anything

    For example, compare your local SQL Server database with a MySQL replica on your web site and synchronize all the differences in just a few minutes. You can even sync changes coming from file databases (CSV, DBF, Excel documents, Paradox...)

  • Examine differences in detail

    If you just want to compare tables, you'll be glad to learn that we have a beautiful visualizer of the table differences. You can even export the differences in a machine-readable JSON format.

  • Continuous synchronization

    We have a built-in scheduler for recurring synchronization, as many of our customers need to replicate changes on an ongoing basis. Save your project and tell us when exactly do you want us to run it. Overnight, or every 15 minutes - or whatever you need.

Frequently asked questions

Our biggest advantage is the fact that we support a huge number of popular database formats. We don't use slow and buggy ODBC drivers (though we support that if you need it). Instead, we spent time to implement native, fast and reliable communication for each database format. And - we can synchronize changes from non-relational data, something no other products do.

Our high-performance engine compares and logs all differences between each source table and its equivalent target table. We then apply a minimal set of changes to the target table needed to make it the same as the source table. As most changes will be new data, we use our fast bulk load engine to make the replication super-quick.

It means "databases of different type". Not only can we synchronize data between databases of the same type (for example, two PostgreSQL databases), we can synchronize data from SQL Server to Oracle, from CSV to MySQL, or basically any other combination.

Replicator does not do that. However, Full Convert does and its Pro and Ultimate plan include the same comparison and synchronization features Replicator uses.

We don't do two-way synchronization as that would require either polluting your databases with triggers and slowing them down, or a low-level file access to your database servers to be able to read logs. Also, it would severely limit the number of databases Replicator supports.

No, we won't. While trigger-based replication is fast, it comes at a steep cost. You'd need to create potentially thousands of triggers and additional tables - and make your database slower in everyday's work, as well as more brittle.

Head over to the purchase page, please.

Yes, there is a free trial available at the trial page. Provide an email when activating trial and you'll get full support from our developers.

Absolutely. Send an email to support, tell us which timezone you're in and describe what is it you need to achieve. One of our devs will get in touch.

All popular databases supported

Compare and replicate changes from some 40 database formats.

We're very likely to support what you need out of the box. And, we make it very simple to achieve your replication regardless of the database engines you use.

Note: We don't do two-way synchronization as that would require either polluting your databases with triggers and slowing them down, or a low-level file access to your database servers to be able to read logs.

Advanced customization for advanced users

From easy selection of a few tables you need to advanced mapping and adjustments

While you probably don't need to touch anything at all, we provide you with the levers needed to adjust the replication to your specific needs. Map schemas, set custom WHERE expressions, change the table and column matching and much more.

Scheduler makes it easy to stay in sync

Recurring data synchronization is as easy as selecting your saved project and telling us when do you want it run.

Use our built-in scheduler to easily set up replications to run unattended. Typically, our customers use to regularly update their databases and keep them in sync.


If you're looking for exhaustive list of features in the application, here you go.

Pro plan

  • Some 40 database engines supported directly with no drivers needed

  • If we don't support your database directly, we provide ODBC connection you can use (practically all databases provide ODBC driver as a fallback)

  • One-way synchronization of data for all tables with primary or unique key defined

  • Any of the supported relational databases can be used as a target for synchronization

  • Compare and synchronize data from relational and non-relational databases

  • Ability to set a custom row comparison key with automatic checking for value uniqueness

  • Automatic choice of the optimal bulk insert mode depending on the table structure, target database type and version

  • Non-destructive update of target tables with minimal set of inserts, updates and deletes to bring the target in sync with the source

  • Customizable schema mapping rules

  • Six different logs - summary, errors, warnings, whole SQL, failed SQL, JSON

  • Custom script and system commands can be run before or after the conversion

  • Both 32- and 64-bit version applications included

  • Dedicated console application included

  • Powerful per-table mapping overriding per-project settings

  • Custom WHERE expressions to filter the range of data compared

  • Sophisticated table de/selection UI to quickly work with a subset of a large database

  • Multi-column row keys support

  • Unicode support for international character sets

  • Advanced table mapping dialog, allowing comparison and synchronization even if table structure differs

  • SQL script for data synchronization can be saved for manual synchronization in external tools

  • Built-in data difference vizualizer:
    - matched reference/work table rows are displayed below each other
    - equal cells are merged to avoid clutter
    - NULL values are displayed with patterned background

  • Built-in scheduler for recurring replications:
    - relies on Windows Scheduled Tasks to provide rich scheduling options
    - can be specified to run only when user is logged on, or always
    - scheduling modes: Once, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

  • XML data can be parsed, or compared as plain text for improved speed

  • Unix/Windows line ending differences can be ignored

Ultimate plan

  • Everything in the Pro plan, plus the following...

  • Our most-powerful database migration engine able to run up to 16 jobs in parallel for the ultimate performance

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